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Dream, dream a world…..spread your wings so you can fly

Your mind is your playdough. What thoughts will you think to shape it?

Activate the snail principle. Slow down to relax.

It’s a BIG Beautiful World and YOU are Beautiful In It.

Plant relaxation seeds in your mind. Fertilize and water with practice.

Let the drop of water that is you become a hundred mighty seas –Rumi.

The world is a relaxation playground. Playfully relax with your child.

Sit in silence. Allow thoughts to just happen.

Calm mind. Peaceful heart.

Coaching & Consulting

School psychologist and certified coach, Zemirah Jazwierski, Ed.S., offers resources for parents, educators, and children. Tips,activities, and products, as well as face-to-face coaching and consultation packages are available on this site.

For busy parents, phone sessions are offered in 30-minute increments.

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Finding Strength in the Storm mp3 Download (Duplicate)

I am strong I believe in me Help your child increase confidence in her ability to solve problems.  Listening to this guided imagery script, she will also gain an outside perspective on any current challenge to clearly identify the next … Continue reading

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Tips & Advice from the Blog

I Feel Calm Now

In the yoga tradition, there is a beautiful grounding and focusing chant (Sa Ta Na Ma–kirtan kriya), that is coupled with finger movements.  Whenever I practice this chant, my mind calms down and I often feel like I am floating … Continue reading

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