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How To Train Your Child’s Anger Dragon

Knowing how to support your child with his anger can be challenging at times. Even as adults it’s hard to tame our anger dragons.  Helping our kids learn how to deal with anger to transform it into healthy expression and … Continue reading

Mind Pirates First Step: FIND THEM!

I don’t know how to slow it down, my mind’s racing from chasing pirates. . . the silliest things flap around in my brain, impossible schemes swim around. –Nora Jones song, Chasing Pirates I can so identify with Nora Jones … Continue reading

Online Meditation Class Starts This Wednesday!

  Click this link to sign up!!!!

Relax and Listen to The Crickets

When I was a little girl, I lived on a farm.  And during the summer months, when it was still warm outside as I was going to bed, the old farmhouse windows would be open.  In the stillness of the … Continue reading

Visualization for Healing: Mining Out The Pain

So last night my daughter was struggling with a pretty icky headache.  As we were trying many remedies to help her lessen the pain, my partner’s son, who is 13, offered this visualization.  He said, “You know, when I get … Continue reading

Online Meditation Class for Parents and Educators

If you’re a parent and an educator and work with kids helping them to relax, then it is ESSENTIAL that you train your brain to do the same.  One of the tools that I use to center myself is Neurosculpting®, … Continue reading

Join This Podcast Tonight on Kids Relaxation Strategies

Here’s the invite for tonight’s podcast in which I am the interviewee!  Join us! Tuesday, January 27, 8:00pm CST   Yay…another Tuesday and tonight’s show is all about the children (yeah…you adults can tag along too)! I will be … Continue reading

Relaxation Activity: Fly Like A Bird

The Chinese practice of Qigong coordinates the flowing, fluid movement of energy between the body, mind and breath.  It is so gentle and mindful!  This Fly Like A Bird activity is perfect for helping you and your child to align … Continue reading

Happy Thought Bubbles

I just love it when ideas spontaneously produce themselves.  Just began one of my groups with this activity:  Happy Thought Bubbles. 1.  Discuss how a deep breath is a silent message to the body that it is “time to relax.” … Continue reading

One Minute of Mindfulness: The Fox and The Child Video

Several years ago, my daughters and I watched a beautiful movie called The Child and The Fox, a 2007 French film directed by  2007 Luc Jacquet.  Narrated by Kate Winslet, it’s a story about a girl who befriends a fox in the … Continue reading

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