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This Being is Light–Seeing the Light in Your Child, Feeling The Light Within You

Sometimes while I am reading a book, it inspires my parenting and work with children.  This Life is Joy by Dr. Roger Teel did just that.  Released last week and found on amazon, (, this book awakened in me the remembrance … Continue reading

Communicate Like a Giraffe– language to stay relaxed

In my work as a school psychologist, I have found Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication principles to be incredibly supportive in the school environment.  When compassion and non-judgement are the foundations of communication, we do not engage the limbic brain in … Continue reading

RELAXATION TOOL: Emotional Freedom Technique for Kids

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an awesome tool to help kids return to calm. I was in a NYC workshop with Gabrielle Bernstein, author of Miracles Now and May Cause Miracles, a week ago.  She introduced us to EFT Specialist … Continue reading

Balloon Breath With Magic Expanding Ball

It’s back to school time!  Often with back to school there can be increased anxiety.  Time to help your child fill her backpack with relaxation techniques!  It’s important to find ones that he likes and enjoys practicing. Here is another … Continue reading

Glitter Jar

  I love the glitter jar!  The school counselor, Michele Bourgeois, LCSW, at my school uses this in her groups.  She also created the gorgeous example in the picture!!!  Use this jar to begin relaxation practice.  It is a wonderful … Continue reading

New ebook “Guided Imagery for Kids” available on Amazon!

Check out my latest ebook on Amazon!  It was inspired by my desire to help my daughters calm down, release anxiety and relax, especially during times of stress.  It’s the second in the Kids’ Relaxation series.   Each guided imagery … Continue reading

New Kids’ Relaxation Ebook Available on Amazon

Take time out for a little R&R and a calming break with your child. This book is not only for the children in your life, it is also for you! Deep Breathing for Kids is a collection of many of … Continue reading

Relaxation Resource Recommendation: Babar’s Yoga For Elephants

Want a fun way to practice yoga with your child?  Try reading this book together! Babar’s Yoga for Elephants by Laurent de Brunhoff is a fun way to practice yoga stretches.  What the students and I liked the most was … Continue reading

Got Resistance? Five Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Relaxation Practice

For many different reasons, sometimes kids aren’t that keen on relaxation practice.    However, it is possible to encourage them so that, before you know, it they are SUPER interested in relaxing with you.  Here are five ways to encourage … Continue reading

No Time for Relaxation? Three Simple Steps to Trim Tab in the Direction of Consistent Relaxation Practice!

A few years ago, I heard a speaker introduce me to the concept of trim tabbing.  As he was speaking, he stated that I could easily reach my goals if I made small, incremental changes each day in the direction … Continue reading

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