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Positive Self-Talk

It’s Spring–Plant A Positive Thought Garden!

During Spring, I get excited about gardening, especially planting flowers.  As you venture out into the soil this year, I invite you to share with your child how thinking is a lot like gardening.  The thought seeds we plant in … Continue reading

Mind Pirates First Step: FIND THEM!

I don’t know how to slow it down, my mind’s racing from chasing pirates. . . the silliest things flap around in my brain, impossible schemes swim around. –Nora Jones song, Chasing Pirates I can so identify with Nora Jones … Continue reading

Happy Thought Bubbles

I just love it when ideas spontaneously produce themselves.  Just began one of my groups with this activity:  Happy Thought Bubbles. 1.  Discuss how a deep breath is a silent message to the body that it is “time to relax.” … Continue reading

Glitter Jar

  I love the glitter jar!  The school counselor, Michele Bourgeois, LCSW, at my school uses this in her groups.  She also created the gorgeous example in the picture!!!  Use this jar to begin relaxation practice.  It is a wonderful … Continue reading

Your Mind is Your Playdough!

What if we gave children the analogy of likening the mind to big hunk of playdough?  Essentially that is the case.  Brain research is exploding with tales of neuroplasticity and our awareness is expanding with the knowledge that our brains are continually developing and … Continue reading

Experiment in Thought and Word

We’ve been acting as thought scientists in my office at school.  Studying the power of our thoughts and how they make us feel.  Studying the power of the words that we tell ourselves and how they make us feel.  I … Continue reading

Cloud Thoughts

Mindfulness is known as the ability to pull your attention into the present moment, increasing your awareness of the thoughts that are happening as they happen. When you pause to let go and really just allow yourself to be in … Continue reading

Mind Pirates! Make Them Walk the Plank!

Thoughts that hijack your day and contribute to feelings of stress and un-ease, are what my kids, my students and I call Mind Pirates.  Some days there are many mind pirates setting sail on the seas of our mind, making … Continue reading

Becoming the Little Engine That Could: VRVRoom To Accomplishment

This week I will be reading the classic, The Little Engine That Could, with the children in my groups at school.  In this classic edition retold by Watty Piper, the author states, “She was a happy little train for she … Continue reading

Beans for Thought

The latest brain research tells us that our biochemistry is affected by the way we think.  If children spend all day thinking stressful thoughts, their biochemistry will align to feel more stress.  However, if they spend all day thinking relaxing, peaceful … Continue reading

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