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Relaxing with Art

Zentangle! Art and Relaxation

Before my daughter, Maddie, could walk, even while she was still in diapers, she would spend hours drawing little circles on a piece of paper.  That was one of my first clues that she would be an artist.  But, also, … Continue reading

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Drawing Infinity to Relax the Mind

Soothe and calm the brain waves by drawing and re-tracing the infinity symbol.  Draw the infinity symbol lying on it’s side.  Begin by placing a dot in the center of the paper.    Start at the dot and draw a loop up to the … Continue reading

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Coloring Within The Lines To Relax

A mandala is a sacred circle.  Mandalas can be found throughout nature, right down to the cellular level.  We are literally swimming in a universal tapestry of interwoven sacred circles. I believe there is a function or an unmet need … Continue reading

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