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Preschool Relaxation Practice

Deep Breathing Board

Deep Breathing Board Create a fun reminder to take a deep breath!¬† Recently while at Hobby Lobby, I came across this wipe off calendar board and thought it would be a fun way to make a Deep Breath Schedule ūüôā … Continue reading

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Forest of Calm

It’s back to school time and the perfect time to practice relaxation techniques with your kids! ¬†Recently, the first graders and I created a “Forest of Calm” through the Vrksasana yoga pose, or “tree pose.” All of the kids gathered … Continue reading

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Snake Break!

Here’s a quick break for all of the kiddos you know that could use a pause and some sensory input to help them balance and calm their minds and bodies. ¬†To introduce this break or for practice, I ask the … Continue reading

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Calm Monkey Mind Corner

It’s getting towards the end of the school year in my district. ¬†We are wrapping things up, saying goodbye to a year that passed so swiftly, and sending our fifth graders on to the larger horizon of middle school. ¬†Even … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Touch…

I have been enjoying sharing this book with the children I work with. ¬†Once Upon a Touch by Mary Atkinson and Sandra Hooper is a wonderful book to introduce the relaxing power of massage and to teach various massage techniques … Continue reading

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Big Bear Hug

Give your child a relaxation and self-calming tool to feel deeply loved and secure in a moment’s notice. ¬†The Big Bear Hug is just that, a BIG bear hug….for yourself. ¬†Next time when your child’s energy is erratic and he … Continue reading

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Love–The Greatest Relaxation Tool!

Feeling loved, feeling seen, feeling heard, and feeling cared are balms for the brain! ¬† Brain science is reporting that the Prefrontal Cortex, the part of the brain responsible for higher order thinking and problem solving, is at its maximum … Continue reading

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Relaxation Backpack: Basic Tools For Helping Preschoolers Get Ready For Relaxation Practice.

When I worked with very young kiddos, (aged 3-6), I created the Relaxation Backpack and the Journey to the Island of Calm to introduce relaxation practice. ¬† ¬† The Island of Calm is the destination for any relaxation practice. ¬†It’s … Continue reading

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