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Heart Breath

Here’s a deep breath with a visual aid built right within it! The heart breath gets kids to focus within their heart center while breathing in and out. Heart Breath First,  put your hands on your heart so that you … Continue reading

Blooming From Mud: Kids’ Lotus Flower Relaxation

Helping kids to navigate the downs of life, the “mud” of life, is so very important.  How we respond, or react, to difficulties is a critical piece to creating a life of wellbeing and emotional regulation. Last week I went … Continue reading

Clouds! The Ultimate Inspiration For Relaxation

During the summer months, I love to walk barefoot in the grass, smell wild flowers, and lie on the ground looking up at the fluffy clouds passing by.  As a kid I would love to find animals, mythical creatures, and … Continue reading

The World Is Your Relaxation Playground

Buzzing with excitement over here!  In just a few short days, I will be embarking on a journey to Iceland, France (Paris), England (Glastonbury and Bath), and Ireland and will be taking Kids Relaxation with me.  My intent is to … Continue reading

The Power of Mindfulness

Want to bring mindfulness into your life with kids?  My suggestion would be to try it out yourself first, really become familiar with it, establish your own practice,  THEN share it with the kids in your life.  Dr. Amy Salesman, … Continue reading

Move The Target: Visualization To Lessen The Stress of Conflict

I often have kids in my office that are feeling sad, worried, or angry related to something that others have said or done.  Sometimes there’s a bully on the playground.   Maybe they’ve had an argument with a parent or … Continue reading

It’s Spring–Plant A Positive Thought Garden!

During Spring, I get excited about gardening, especially planting flowers.  As you venture out into the soil this year, I invite you to share with your child how thinking is a lot like gardening.  The thought seeds we plant in … Continue reading

Supporting Your Intuitive Child

  Most of us have established that first and foremost, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and that we all, to some degree, have intuitive abilities.  As a child I experienced many psychic, telepathic, and intuitive encounters. The scariest … Continue reading

The Peacock Breath

Peacock breath helps kids to slow down their breathing and return to calm and center.  I use peacock feathers as a visual aid while teaching this deep breath.  You can order peacock feathers very inexpensively off of amazon, (simply click … Continue reading

Online Meditation Class This Wednesday!

Spring is the perfect time to release stressors and do some spring cleaning of your mind!  Join me online this Wednesday where I will be hosting an Intro to Neurosculpting® Meditation class for adults:  parents, educators and therapists.  This brain-science … Continue reading

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