This meditation is for calming, soothing, and feeling serenity within.  Guide your child to a pond in the middle of an ancient, untouched, pristine forest to gaze upon the still water.

Find a space where you and your child can relax completely, feeling safe, secure and beyond any interruptions.  Let go of the outside world for a deeply relaxing journey within your imagination.

Still Pond Ancient Forest

With softness and gentleness, settle into a relaxed position.  Allow your body to let go, and sink into the floor, pillow, bed, or other soft supportive space around you.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath, slowly pushing your tummy out, hold for a moment, and then slowly breathe out, allowing all the air out of your lungs.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Let go of any tension or tight places that might be within you.  Now breathe normally while we take this journey in our imaginations.  

Imagine you are walking on a quiet forest path in the still moonlight.  Above you the moon shines down to light your way as you feel the soft moss covered ground beneath your feet.  As you are walking you know that this is an ancient forest, completely safe and secure from the rest of the world.  Breathing deeply you can smell the pine in the air.  Breathing out you feel yourself relaxing more and more with each step you take.  

These trees are all around you and you can feel their wise energy surrounding you as you step deeper and deeper beneath the canopy of leaves.  Soon you come to a still pond.  (pause) The moonlight is illuminating the very thin mist that arises just above the clear pool of water.  You find a mossy soft place to rest while you continue to gaze out on the pond.  The glassy water is crystal clear and undisturbed by wind, rain, or any other thing.  Gazing at this still pond in the ancient forest, you feel the peacefulness within your heart, feeling your body letting go to relax even more, allowing a sense of deep calmness to ripple out within you.  Pause and breathe and take in that stillness, knowing it is showing you the stillness that is within your own heart, the stillness within your own mind.  You feel held in the calm, stillness of the moonlight, held by the ancient wise trees, supported by the stillness of the water.  Breathe in that calm. (pause)  Rest.  (pause)

Beautiful.  (pause)  Rest in this ancient forest sanctuary.  (pause several moments here)

Knowing you can return to this serene pond any time you would like, begin to make your way back through the forest path.  Breathe deeply the fragrance of pine as you walk, slowly taking in your surroundings and feeling the presence of the trees as you walk.  

When you reach the edge of the forest, pause and thank the ancient forest for the calm, gentle, space.  

You can open your eyes and begin to return to the room when you are ready.  


This is a wonderful guided imagery exercise that you can share with your child before bed or any other time that deep calm and serene presence is wanted.

Wishing many peaceful moments for you and your child.


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