The balloon breath is a fun way to describe a diaphragmatic breath. I like to show kids a picture
of the diaphragm and explain that it is the long, flat muscle beneath the lungs and above the belly
button that is responsible for pushing the air out of the lungs during an exhale. Next I have them
put a hand on their tummy just above the belly button and take a deep breath in, to feel how the IMG_2156(1)
tummy pushes out.
Mr. Balloon Breath is an inflated balloon with two eyes drawn on him. I ask for a volunteer and
have this child face the group. Holding Mr. Balloon Breath with both hands in the place where
his ears would be. Next, I ask the child to turn sideways so that the group can watch from profile
view. As the child takes a breath in, I invite the group to watch to see how Mr. Balloon Breath
moves. He should move out, away from the body, on the inhale. He should move in, closer to
the body on the exhale. Mr. Balloon Breath is an excellent way to help children visually process
and fully understand the mechanics of the diaphragmatic breath.
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