Have your child gently close her eyes and imagine that she is lying under a rainbow.  Tell her that you are going to practice breathing the colors in out while thinking certain thoughts.  Encourage her to allow her body to relax and to “melt” into the floor, letting go of any tension in her body or anyplace that she is holding on.  As she is lying there, remind her that it isn’t that she “must” relax, it’s just giving herself permission to relax if she wants to.  If relaxation doesn’t come naturally, that is okay too.  Now, if she feels like it, she can begin to gently breathe in response to your invitations.


Breathe in the color green and think, “I am love”

Breathe out the color yellow and think, “I am smart”

Breathe in the color blue and think, “I speak freely with love”

Breathe out the color orange and think, “I am creative”

Breathe in the color purple and think, “I am wise”

Breathe out the color red and think, “I am safe”

Repeat this several times.  As she is lying there breathing, imagining the colors gently flowing in and out, you can speak these thoughts out loud as she practices melting into the floor.

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