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Bedtime Relaxation Activities

Empty The Mind Bucket

I was cleaning out a book cabinet, (one of my FAVORITE activities because I usually get caught up more in reading than cleaning), and came across an old old copy of a Dr. Norman Vincent Peale book called Stay Alive … Continue reading

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Sleep Talk: Book Review

The book Sleep Talk provides fast, effective techniques for helping your child deal with challenging situations or transitions. This program can be used for all sorts of issues, from behavioral problems to social interactions to physical challenges and health. What … Continue reading

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7 Apps To Help Kids Relax

My iPhone and iPad have become instant hits with my kids.  They love to play games on them.  They are great for when I’m out at a restaurant or waiting at the airport and they need something quick to stay … Continue reading

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Cloud Thoughts

Mindfulness is known as the ability to pull your attention into the present moment, increasing your awareness of the thoughts that are happening as they happen. When you pause to let go and really just allow yourself to be in … Continue reading

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Body Rock

Body rock involves gently rocking the body back and forth to calm the nervous system.  Have your child lie flat on the floor.  Use a yoga mat or lie on a soft carpet for increased comfort.  Don’t use a pillow … Continue reading

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Mind Movie: The Relaxed You

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, can be used to create and practice experiences of relaxation.  NLP is regarded as the science of re-programming your mental landscape by by paying attention to information from the senses and pairing this information with empowering … Continue reading

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Cloud Garden Bedtime Game

This is a game that can be played by the family at bedtime in order to foster feelings of peace and relaxation.  It is an excellent way to let go of anything during the day that is no longer supportive … Continue reading

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