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Emotional Regulation

The Worry Wall

The Worry Wall Steps: 1. Design a sheet of poster board or other large paper to be your designated “worry wall.” 2. Have sticky notes ready and tell kids that they can draw or write a worry as it comes up and … Continue reading

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Heart Space Connection

This activity guides children in re-connecting with a smile that is initiated from the heart space. Step One: Show children how to connect with their heart space. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in through your nose, slowly, and … Continue reading

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Safety Bubbles Activity

This activity is perfect for addressing and calming bedtime fears and worries.  I have used it also as my daughters are traveling away from home.  My daughter will call on the phone when she is away and request that we … Continue reading

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Emotional Regulation: Becoming an Energy Master

Teach your children that they are masters of their own energy and that they have the power to adjust their own energy and to affect change in the energy of their environment. I used this activity as part of a … Continue reading

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Emotional Regulation Activity: Grounding Energy

I am a Tree When we talk about “grounding” we are pulling our energy into our own space and anchoring ourselves to the earth.  Sometimes when we are overly forgetful or feeling “spacey” it is because our energy is spread … Continue reading

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