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Guided Imagery

Sweep It Out–Spring Cleaning for Your Brain

Sometimes feelings can be overwhelming.  It is helpful to give children a box of tools to use in those moments when they would like to re-focus and shift their thoughts in order to feel better.  Sweep it Out is a … Continue reading

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Treehouse Relaxation Script

This relaxation script is related to finding a peaceful place.  Activities that support children finding a peaceful place help them to feel safe and re-establish feelings of tranquility when they are experiencing challenging emotions.  Next time your child is experiencing … Continue reading

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Relaxation Script: The Happy Paintbrush

When we are doing things that we like, we feel a state of joy.  This visualization gets kids thinking about the things they like that are linked to feeling joyful and/or happy.  This activity can be used any time, but … Continue reading

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Relaxation Script: The Flower Inside

This guided imagery exercise is perfect for connecting to your inner beauty. Take three deep breaths in. Feel your tummy expand like a balloon as your breathe in. Feel your tummy fall down flat as you breathe out. Concentrate on … Continue reading

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Vacuum Your Day

As I was putting my daughter to bed the other night, she was experiencing some fear from a dream she’d had the night before.  We completed the following guided visualization activity in order to facilitate the sleep process.Steps: Close your … Continue reading

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