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One Minute Relaxers

The Melt Away

Tension can just melt away through the focus of our thoughts.  The Melt Away is a visualization that can help kids release muscle tension and relax in the moment.  It’s a quick tool that can be used anywhere to help … Continue reading

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Body Rock

Body rock involves gently rocking the body back and forth to calm the nervous system.  Have your child lie flat on the floor.  Use a yoga mat or lie on a soft carpet for increased comfort.  Don’t use a pillow … Continue reading

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Pencil Sqeeze–Eraser Squoosh: Progressive Relaxation At Your Desk

Tense/relax protocols come from progressive relaxation techniques in which the muscles are alternately tensed and relaxed in order to promote a state of mental and physical relaxation.  The mental part of progressive relaxation involves directing attention to the feeling of … Continue reading

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Freeze and Feel

Practice mindfulness today by initiating a Freeze and Feel.  Freeze and Feel steps are as follows: 1.  Decide what the signal will be, (a bell, chime, hand clap or finger snap, gesture, or turning off the lights, etc. . . … Continue reading

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