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Relaxation Practice

Children’s Intuition and Relaxation: Direct Correlation

Children’s intuition and relaxation are directly correlated.  When one is increased, the other is also increased.  When we are relaxed and calm and feeling good, our intuition is naturally at it’s best.  We are able to connect to our inner … Continue reading

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Getting the BIG Perspective: Hot Air Balloon Ride Script

Helping kids get to a cool, calm and collected state when they are upset or worried about something, supports them in seeing all the possible options to a situation and to pick the one that feels best.  When emotions run … Continue reading

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Preparing for Relaxation Practice

I’ve been re-reading the book, Point Zero- Creativity Without Limits, by Michele Cassou.  I love how she encourages the creation of art from connection, intuition, and the initiation of a feeling space.  As I am reading, I am thinking how … Continue reading

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Release Pent Up Energy: The 30 Second Cycling Trip

Ever need a quick tool to help your child release energy to re-focus in the moment?   This one-minute relaxer is fun, engaging and does the job to get that excess energy OUT while activating the imagination at the same time.  … Continue reading

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Stress Rating Charts–Five Ways To Make It Fun!

I believe that relaxation practice must be engaging, fun, and rewarding if we are going to see ultimate buy-in and interest from our kids.  Since body awareness is an essential first step component to relaxation practice, (i.e. ya gotta know … Continue reading

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Cloud Thoughts

Mindfulness is known as the ability to pull your attention into the present moment, increasing your awareness of the thoughts that are happening as they happen. When you pause to let go and really just allow yourself to be in … Continue reading

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Puppet Relaxation Class

Want your kids to practice relaxation techniques?  Engage some puppet friends for a Relaxation Class!  Find two fun puppets to instruct.  After you have been practicing relaxation techniques for a while, or just after you have learned a new technique … Continue reading

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