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Stress Management


Acting from confidence is relaxing.  Know why?  You are totally aligned with what you want to be doing.  There is zero resistance when you are acting from inner animation, inner interest, inner joy.  I encourage my girls to do just … Continue reading

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Surfing the Stress Wave

Starting back to school can produce waves of stress in children’s bodies and minds.  Showing them how to ride the stress wave without jumping into reactivity or impulsive actions based on strong feelings, is a golden skill that will support … Continue reading

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Deep Sensory + Yoga = Calm Student

Want a quick way to help your special needs students achieve a more calm, relaxed, focused state?  I have been using this routine in my school to provide a sensory break for students with high functioning autism. The routine consists … Continue reading

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Superhero Powers

Superheros are rocking our world this summer!  With Avengers making record financial history, everywhere you turn in shopping land, a superhero is ready to greet you.  Last night I was the superhero of my own dream.  Before I fell asleep, … Continue reading

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Looking for a way to help your child monitor stress/ tension and to increase body awareness?  Biodots are a great way to begin. Biodots measure stress in the body by monitoring blood flow.  Put them on the back of the … Continue reading

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