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No Time for Relaxation? Three Simple Steps to Trim Tab in the Direction of Consistent Relaxation Practice!

A few years ago, I heard a speaker introduce me to the concept of trim tabbing.  As he was speaking, he stated that I could easily reach my goals if I made small, incremental changes each day in the direction … Continue reading

Top 10 Things to AVOID if you want a CALM Kid

As a school psych, I hear it all the time, “I sure wish my kiddo could relax.  He is soooooo active, just bounces off the walls.  He just goes goes goes until he drops at night!”  And I hear myself … Continue reading

Tea Ceremony

I recently purchased a beautiful children’s book called Tea Ceremony by Shozo Sato, ( +Explore+the+unique+Japanese+tradition+of+sharing+tea).  It contains wonderful projects related to the ancient Japanese art of tea ceremony.  Want a unique way to practice relaxation that captures your child’s attention … Continue reading

Butterfly Hugs

Want a quick, fun way to release stress or strong emotions?  Try the butterfly hug with your child today.  Developed by Lucina Artigas, M.A. in her work with survivors of the Acapulco Hurricane of 1997, the butterfly hug is a … Continue reading

Calm My Body Box

The Occupational Therapist at my school,  Chelsea Berthold, created this “Calm My Body Box” and kids just LOVE it!  She took a regular plastic box and filled it with many wonderful items that support relaxation in the moment.  Often when … Continue reading

Rocks and Floppy Socks

When I feel a strong emotion such as anger it can feel like a rock in my mind.  My mind will try to let it go, but the harder I try, the more it seems that the angry thoughts are … Continue reading

Jellyfish Visual Aid for Deep Breathing Practice

  For some children, the concept of taking a deep breath is difficult to understand.  When I am working with some kids, especially kids with an autism spectrum disorder, they respond especially well to the use of a visual aid … Continue reading

Mr. Balloon Breath

The balloon breath is a fun way to describe a diaphragmatic breath. I like to show kids a picture of the diaphragm and explain that it is the long, flat muscle beneath the lungs and above the belly button that … Continue reading

Rocket Breath!

Take off into relaxation today!  Explain to your child that you are going to practice a deep breath like a rocket.  While he inhales, taking air into his lungs, you will sound the count down until take off when he … Continue reading

Family Stress During the Holidays?

Hi Everyone! I am interested in providing some extra resources during the holidays that supports family, child and parent relaxation.  Please help me provide resources you need by filling out this quick, 3-question survey.  Click on the link below. I … Continue reading

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