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Relaxing on Airplanes

Big Bear Hug

Give your child a relaxation and self-calming tool to feel deeply loved and secure in a moment’s notice.  The Big Bear Hug is just that, a BIG bear hug….for yourself.  Next time when your child’s energy is erratic and he … Continue reading

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Relaxation Routine: Bunny Snake Elevator!

These three deep breaths work great with young kids at both home and school alike!  Try them out with the children in your life. The Elevator Breath Breathing in raise your arms above your head and say “Elevator Up!”  Breathing … Continue reading

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KidsRelaxation on YouTube! The World Is Your Relaxation Playground

I’m excited to announce that Kids’ Relaxation has a new channel on YouTube! I am going to be sharing videos created from my work with kids and based on various blogs on different relaxation techniques for kids that I have … Continue reading

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Blooming From Mud: Kids’ Lotus Flower Relaxation

Helping kids to navigate the downs of life, the “mud” of life, is so very important.  How we respond, or react, to difficulties is a critical piece to creating a life of wellbeing and emotional regulation. Last week I went … Continue reading

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Clouds! The Ultimate Inspiration For Relaxation

During the summer months, I love to walk barefoot in the grass, smell wild flowers, and lie on the ground looking up at the fluffy clouds passing by.  As a kid I would love to find animals, mythical creatures, and … Continue reading

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7 Apps To Help Kids Relax

My iPhone and iPad have become instant hits with my kids.  They love to play games on them.  They are great for when I’m out at a restaurant or waiting at the airport and they need something quick to stay … Continue reading

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Imaginations that Fly: In-Flight Guided Imagery Relaxation Activity

Magic Carpet Adventure Since you are already flying, close your eyes and imagine that you are going on a magic carpet ride.  Before you begin, you can use the flight magazine in the seat pocket in front of you to … Continue reading

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In-Flight Breathing Relaxation Activity

Summer vacation is upon us!  As a parent, have you ever been caught off guard and experienced a non-relaxed state with your child at 33,000 feet?  Flying provides the perfect opportunity to practice the art of relaxation and prepare our … Continue reading

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