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Relaxing with Art

Colorful Positive Thoughts

It can be challenging for both adults and kids to practice a positive mindset at times, especially when things aren’t going as planned! Here is a fun way to relax while practicing positive thoughts: color a zen mandala with the … Continue reading

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The Point is Relaxation: Pointillism to Relax

Mindful art helps kids to activate all the senses and really gather their focus and attention in the present moment.  There are multiple art activities that you can use as relaxation practice with your child. Pointillism is a technique of … Continue reading

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Relaxing With Otters

Relaxing With Otters As I was walking down the hallway in my school today, I encountered the MOST precious sight.  The kindergarten class had just finished art and was parading their otter artwork back to class.  Apparently they had watched … Continue reading

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Relaxation Collage

Create a relaxation collage with your child.  I like to explain that just looking at serene, tranquil pictures can calm our bodies and minds.  There’s even research out there that shows that just by looking upon tranquil scenes or even … Continue reading

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Zentangle! Art and Relaxation

Before my daughter, Maddie, could walk, even while she was still in diapers, she would spend hours drawing little circles on a piece of paper.  That was one of my first clues that she would be an artist.  But, also, … Continue reading

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Drawing Infinity to Relax the Mind

Soothe and calm the brain waves by drawing and re-tracing the infinity symbol.  Draw the infinity symbol lying on it’s side.  Begin by placing a dot in the center of the paper.    Start at the dot and draw a loop up to the … Continue reading

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Coloring Within The Lines To Relax

A mandala is a sacred circle.  Mandalas can be found throughout nature, right down to the cellular level.  We are literally swimming in a universal tapestry of interwoven sacred circles. I believe there is a function or an unmet need … Continue reading

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