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teaching kids relaxation

Become a Sloth Philosopher and SLOW DOWN!

No Hurry = No Worry Sloths are masterful teachers in how to slow down and relax. We can learn a lot from the sloths. Watch this video to learn three ways that you can begin to slow down and relax … Continue reading

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The Relaxation Journey

Passport to Relaxation Building upon the positive passport theme, I created a Relaxation Passport for use in my small groups.  Each week as we practice a new relaxation tool, we put a stamp in our booklet–to denote our travel to … Continue reading

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Turtle, Fox, Flower in the Wind: Self Regulation Movement Game

There’s a playful classroom game at my school where teachers hold up a colored sheet of paper and students move a certain way to the color.  I thought it would be fun to adapt this game for relaxation and to … Continue reading

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Wheels of….RELAXATION!

This morning in our small group yoga time at school, we practiced relaxation skills using a spinner visual aid.  This visual aid helped students to stay focused on what we were learning and was a great tool to bring attention … Continue reading

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Calm Monkey Mind Corner

It’s getting towards the end of the school year in my district.  We are wrapping things up, saying goodbye to a year that passed so swiftly, and sending our fifth graders on to the larger horizon of middle school.  Even … Continue reading

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New Free App: Sleep Meditation By Christiane Kerr

Brand new free app, Sleep:  Meditations for Kids,  released by Diviniti Publishing, Ltd., available in the iTunes App Store.  Montessori teacher, Christiane Kerr, has a beautiful soothing, relaxing voice that leads you and your child to release daily worries and … Continue reading

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