As the school year begins again for many students, it is the perfect time to begin practicing relaxation techniques in the classroom.  Set the tone for a calm, relaxing year by establishing a relaxation practice in your classroom.  An easy activity to practice while students are in their desks is Tree Feet.  Adapting the tree yoga pose (Vriksha-asana), the Tree Feet activity can be used to help students center and focus their attention before desk work. Guidelines and instructions for Tree Feet follow:

Sitting in your chair, imagine that your feet are growing roots right into the floor!  Down, down, down grow the beautiful roots, deeper and deeper into the earth.  As you sit there in your chair feeling your roots, stretch your arms up tall to be branches.  Wiggle your fingers and gently sway your arms back in forth like branches in a soft breeze.  Feel how good it feels to stretch your sides as you sway your arms and fingers in the air.  Now pause your sway for a moment and bring your hands together overhead pointing upwards.  Sit there and take a deep breath in, feeling the breath all the way down to your toes.  Now let the breath out and relax.  Bring your hands down to rest on your desk.  Think to yourself, “I am ready to learn.”

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