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I have spent many years studying and practicing relaxation techniques. As a parent, storyteller, musician, school psychologist and licensed New Thought Interfaith minister, I marvel at and am deeply inspired, (on a daily basis), as I encounter the wisdom within the minds of children.

When I was a little girl and until young adulthood, I struggled with debilitating anxiety that took many forms. At the age of 23, I was handed a prescription and told by a therapist that I would probably always need to use it. That was the day I set out searching and experimenting with every relaxation method I could get my hands on. Eventually, after several years of trial and error, I found a set of techniques that worked for me and have been using them ever since. Slowly, over time, I have been freed from the grips of anxiety, but can still remember its paralyzing and terrifying effects. Although I am completely supportive of the use of medication when necessary, I never needed to use that prescription.


When my oldest daughter was born, it was soon apparent that she had inherited and was suffering from a level of anxiety, known as obsessive compulsive disorder, that required intervention. It was during that time that I felt compelled and committed to share and make relaxation practices and information accessible for others, particularly those who care for children. It has since become one of my passions and a key mission for my life path.



I have spent the last twenty years working predominantly in inner city public schools, collaborating and sharing this information with children of all ages. I presently live in Colorado where I continue my daily experimentation with various forms of relaxation techniques, mindfulness practice, and the structuring of a positive mind through the use of sound healing and other spiritual practices. As an interfaith minister, the spiritual nature of revealing our deepest heart and essential self, has become a central focus of this work. And, through sustaining this work all these years, I have found a sense of inner peace that I believe every one of us can access to navigate the bumps, however big, along the worldly path.



 It is my sincere desire that you find this site to be inspirational, transformative

and a source of deep peace for you and the children in your world.

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