Book of Dreams: Visualizing my day, month or year

Feb 13, 2018 | All Relaxation Activities, Educator Resources, Family Relaxation

 Book of Dreams

There’s this song called Book of Dreams by the band Milkshake that animates my imagination each time I listen. In fact, it’s been a stable in my daughters’ lives while they have been growing up so much so that even the week before Christmas on a trip through the mountains my daughter loaded it on the car’s bluetooth and said, “This one’s for you, Mom, I know how much you love it.”  🙂  I even included it on the soundtrack for my eldest’s graduation tribute video.  It’s on my “Joyful Imagination Playlist” and it works everytime.

So, what’s so special about it?  The lyrics transport my into far off lands.  They awaken within me that delightful sense of imagination and wonder, that sense of “EVERYTHING’s Possible.”  So, with the New Year upon us, I thought of this song as I planned my small group activities for the week.

The lyrics are as follows:


Book of Dreams Song Lyrics

(Click on the link above to download a pdf of the lyrics)

This is a perfect song to begin the new year, month or day practicing visualization skills with your child or students!  I begin by playing the song and asking them to let their imaginations soar.  With lyrics such as “We don’t have wings, but still we fly” and with images such as singing seagulls, rainbows, Zanzibar, and dancing with butterflies, it doesn’t take much to infuse the room with a little sparkling wonder.

I ask them to imagine what they want to feel, think, do, see, and hear this year and give them some examples such as “I want to sit on the couch drinking tea with my grandma” or “I want to visit the park on a butterfly safari.”  I want to see a bear hug, a turtle in it’s natural environment.  I want to hear the sound of rain pitter pattering on the porch, or listen to the crickets on a still night in nature.  I want to feel the warmth of being loved or feel the calm of a deep breath right before I take a test.  I want to think thoughts that make me feel calm and relaxed.  I want to think treasure thoughts of joy, friendship, and my ability to think positive as I try and try again things that are hard for me.  The most important part, I explain, is that life is about experiencing not acquiring.  Although there’s nothing wrong with acquiring, it is the experience of love, joy and connection that supports our feeling relaxed and at peace and these experiences come from our hearts and minds.

Next, we create our 2018 Book of Dreams.

I ask the students to use all of their senses to record what they want to experience this year, month, or day, explaining that we can create a new story for our day EVERY day, it doesn’t just have to be at the beginning of a year or month.  We can even start over each moment to re-create our experience.  This is where they begin to open their minds and hearts to get in touch with what they want to experience.  I emphasize the importance of paying attention to how they want to FEEL rather than what they want to have or do.  We record in our Book of Dreams these experiences and then they share them with each other.

The youngest kids express through drawing.  My older students use more words in their expression.

Be sure to have a buffet of craft supplies on hand to amplify the creativity of the moment.  Some things I love are:

glitter, washi tape, all sorts of fun pens/crayons/markers/pencils and other writing supplies, stickers, and colored glues




















This is the perfect lesson to talk about how the energy through which we create is the energy that we are sharing with the world around us.  I talk about how as we are creating with love, we are practicing love.  As we are creating with a relaxed, calm and centered focus, we are practicing being calm and centered.  It is a wonderfully fun activity!

I encourage you to create an atmosphere of peace and CREATE AWAY!  Fun and enjoyment are the cornerstones of relaxation practice that kids will want to come back to again and again and again.


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