Book Recommendation: Star Child, Joyful Parenting Through Astrology

Aug 19, 2021 | All Relaxation Activities, Educator Resources, Family Relaxation, Parenting Resources

This book just published by SoundsTrue, Star Child, by Briana Saussy, (, is a must read for you parents and caregivers out there who are wanting to infuse your care of kids with a huge sprinkling of inspiration with a little fairy dust on the side. Star Child is part invitation, part innovation and a whole lot of fun to read as it awakens your heart and returns a sense of wonderment to the art of raising children.

Star Child discusses predominantly the sun signs in astrology and gives ideas as to how to meet your child’s needs from a variety of perspectives. The author, Briana Saussy, has done a brilliant job of organizing the book into chapters by zodiac sun sign and offering a symbolic story and ideas that support and nurture the growth and development related to the characteristics of that sign. For example, she tells the story of the Fisher King for Pisces and the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker for Capricorn and then provides insight as to the symbolism found within each story that can be related to the caring, loving and connection with that sign.

Briana dives into specifics about friends and play, academics, physical activity, art and creativity, extracurriculars, sleeping and waking, technology, discipline, and ways to connect with each of the zodiac signs. If you’ve been wondering what in the world it means that your child was born under the sun sign of Leo, then this is the book for you.

Briana also teaches about the language of the cosmos, describing the nuances of an astrological chart such as what it means to have a planet in a certain house, what an aspect is, as well as the other parts of a chart such as the moon sign and the ascendent or rising sign. She has packed this book with ritual, creative activities that ignite the imagination and, even if your children are grown up, this book is perfect for your care of your inner child within your heart and soul!

This book isn’t another personality test or type-casting book that pigeon-holes your child into a boxed description. It simply gives many possibilities for consideration and provides you will multitudes of ways for creating a deeper connection with your child or inner child.

Not only a guide to the heavens within and around us, Star Child encourages us to create community, to widen our perspectives and to embrace a “vaster way of seeing.” What better time than now on this planet than to get busy doing just that? Reaching in, reaching out and reaching up to connect within our own hearts and with the hearts of our children.

When’s the last time you went out and looked up at the night sky and really spent time feeling a sense of connection with the vast cosmos all around us? As the book encourages, begin by noting the phase the moon is in each night and then later move on to searching for planets and specific stars. Briana writes in the book that we can guide our children and support the young ones in rooting their awareness of a “rich knowing of the earth” while also fostering in the them a “bird’s eye vision of the whole.”

To listen to Briana Saussy talk about revitalizing the sacred arts and raising a star child, click on the link below to listen to the publisher SoundsTrue Insights at The Edge podcast.

Podcast: Revitalizing the Sacred Arts and Raising a Star Child

“We must raise them all the way to the stars.”


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