It can be challenging for both adults and kids to practice a positive mindset at times, especially when things aren’t going as planned! Here is a fun way to relax while practicing positive thoughts: color a zen mandala with the positive thought built right in to the page.

Thinking positive thoughts is related to how we talk to ourselves. Positive self-talk is a life-long tool for the self-care toolbox. It is an invaluable way to calm down, change perspective, and regulate our emotions.

Talk to your child about the words they choose when they think inside their heads. Our words help form our attitudes, our attitudes are linked to our feelings, our feelings influence our actions. You can see just how important they are–they are directly involved in how we experience our life!

The power of our words are like seeds we plant in our mind. What we think about all the time takes root and sprouts. The more a thought is planted the more it grows into our overall attitudes and beliefs.

We can also use our thoughts to remove limiting beliefs and to begin to affirm what we want to experience. So instead of, “I can’t do anything right,” we transform that thought into “I’m doing the best I can right now.” Slowly but surely we begin to think another way through the power of our thoughts.

One way to incorporate the focus and practice of a positive thought is to create some art around it. This morning I experimented with this by coloring a mandala using the coloring book pictured below. I chose the “I AM AWESOME” mandala coloring page. I put on some soft music and allowed my mind and body to relax while I immersed myself in coloring the picture, choosing colors that felt good in that moment and that I really loved. I couldn’t help but focus on the thought “I AM AWESOME” while I was coloring it.

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This positive thought, “I AM AWESOME” has become my focus for the day today, so that I can practice it more. I’d invite you to choose to try out the contemplation and practice of this thought with your child as well. Several times throughout the day, pause, and say it out loud together: “I … AM… AWESOME.” Pair it with a hug or a deep breath and you have a beautiful moment of connection.

Other positive thoughts from the Zen Mandalas Positive Mantras Coloring Book for Kids include the following examples, (there are many more in the book itself):

I learn from my mistakes

I am more than capable

I am strong

I am grateful

I love every part of me

I focus on my goals

However, you can use ANY coloring book as a relaxation activity to share with your child. Perhaps she has a favorite one that would be meaningful for her? Simply choose a positive picture and write a positive thought upon the page. Listen to peaceful music and practice a few pauses to breathe deeply together while coloring. Not only is it a fun, engaging way to practice relaxation, but it soothes your inner child as well.

Who knows, it might be so much fun and bring so much relaxation that you might choose to have a daily relaxation coloring break!!?


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