Deep Breathing Board

Create a fun reminder to take a deep breath!  Recently while at Hobby Lobby, I came across this wipe off calendar board and thought it would be a fun way to make a Deep Breath Schedule 🙂

All of these deep breathing techniques and ideas can be found in blog posts on this site.  Many of them can be found in one central place in the Deep Breathing for Kids ebook, also available on this site.

I’ve scheduled three weeks worth of deep breaths that you can do with your child, but feel free to mix it up and to add more as you come across them.  Have your child help you draw the pictures on the board.


Deep Breath of the Day

Then, every day in the morning preferably, practice the Deep Breath of the Day and have a fun little competition with each other to keep track of how many times you practiced the deep breath during the day.

Before bed, share your tallies and experiences and practice a calm, deep breath right before going to sleep!

Next day?  REPEAT!!


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