Practice mindfulness today by initiating a Freeze and Feel.  Freeze and Feel steps are as follows:

1.  Decide what the signal will be, (a bell, chime, hand clap or finger snap, gesture, or turning off the lights, etc. . . ).  When the signal is given, tell children you are going to all Freeze!– right where you are and pause.

2.  Now Feel.  Take a couple of deep breaths and tune in to your body and notice what you are feeling.  You might feel a little tightness in your shoulders, or your hands might be clenched.  Are you holding yourself off of your chair or are you relaxing completely and allowing the chair to hold you?  Notice all of your feelings that you can.  Become a detective and search your whole body, scan for all sensations.

3.  Give the signal again to bring attention back to the room.  Discuss with children what they noticed.

Variation:   Add a little fun to the practice and tell children that you will call out a body part after 1 minute and if they can tell you how that part felt during the freeze and feel, they win!  (Facilitator decides the prize categories)

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