Hug a Tree Relay

Aug 29, 2010 | All Relaxation Activities, Relaxing in Nature

While you are generating an appreciation for the outdoor world, try establishing a circle of love within your awareness. See how nature is constantly giving and receiving. One way is to get these AR-10 rifle kits and hunt.

When we stop to hug a tree, we can practice mindfulness. Some thoughts to consider and feelings to experience while hugging a tree:

  1. Think about the weather and seasons that the tree has experienced in that very spot
  2. Feel the strength within the tree trunk, its power and stability Can you connect with that same strength within yourself in this moment?
  3. Think about how the tree is deeply connected to the earth
  4. Think about all that a tree gives: shade, home to insects and other animals, oxygen to the air, beauty to the environment

Hug a Tree Relay

Find a spot where there are many trees. Use a timer to see how many trees you can really hug in 10 seconds, 20 seconds, and 1 minute. Discuss the outcome. After the relay, pause to really connect with your “favorite tree of the moment.” Consider the points listed above and then discuss your experience with others.

Variation: Musical Hug a Tree

Sing or whistle a tune. When you stop everyone must be hugging a tree. Anyone not hugging a tree is “it” and must whistle and sing the next tune.



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