Imaginations that Fly: In-Flight Guided Imagery Relaxation Activity

Jun 2, 2011 | All Relaxation Activities, Guided Imagery, Relaxing on Airplanes

Magic Carpet Adventure
Since you are already flying, close your eyes and imagine that you are going on a magic carpet ride.  Before you begin, you can use the flight magazine in the seat pocket in front of you to talk about different destinations that you might want to visit.  Talk about what you might see there.  Then invite your child to take a trip in their imagination on a magic carpet.
 Read the following relaxation script to your child:
Close your eyes and get comfortable in your seat. . . Allow your body to relax and be quiet. . .Tell your legs to rest, your arms to hand free, your head to just be heavy on the back of the seat.  For the next couple of minutes, just a little time, invite your body to be still.  Ask your ears to listen and pay attention.  Great!  You are going to take a journey in your imagination.  Now look down in front of you.  There is a magic carpet just floating there.  It seems to be waiting there just for you.  Notice its color, its shape.  Curious, you get on and it starts to fly!.  While you are riding you know that you are safe.  You are feeling good, very calm and relaxed.
As you are riding, you look down to see a glistening lagoon beneath you.  The carpet takes you close to the water and there are little colorful fish weaving in and around some stones.  There are tiny bubbles rising to the surface of the water, making little fizzing noises as they pop.  The carpet takes you close enough for you to dip your fingertips into the warm pool and swirl them through the water as the carpet flies along.  Looking behind you, you can see the watery trail your fingertips left behind.  Up, up, up the carpet flies again.  This time it turns and you can see mountains in the distance.  The moon is shining brightly and the stars are twinkling.  You feel so close to the stars that you can almost reach out and touch them.  Flying over the mountains, you can see they are dusted in snow.  The snow sparkles and shimmers in the moonlight like jewels in a treasure chest.  There, on the horizon, you see some bears rolling and playing in the snow.  The carpet flies you close enough so that you can wave.
Now the carpet starts to slow down its flight.  You know that you have many explorations ahead of you and you feel excitement inside as you think about your next adventure.  Take a deep breath and thank your body and mind for traveling along on this carpet ride.  Allow your attention to come back to sitting in your seat.  You can open your eyes when you are ready.



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