Personal Space Camp

Oct 22, 2012 | All Relaxation Activities, Educator Resources

School has been in session for a couple of months now and we are just settling into a comfortable
predictable routine. Teachers have begun to visit my office asking for ideas to help students “keep their
hands to themselves.” It’s a request I often get about this time, so I have initiated my 4-week small
group Personal Space Camp instruction. It’s based on the book with the same title by Julia Cook.

What I love about it is the accompanying Supplementary Teacher’s Guide, ( there are wonderful activities and ideas for practicing personal space in a small group setting. It is great fun to make aPersonal Space Line-Up Rope and to sit in hula hoops representing your “comfort bubble.”  We are blowing bubbles today as part of our discussion time.

I have added taking a balloon breath to the pause before checking your personal space. I teach students
that being in your personal space can also be the perfect time to do a body check for relaxation/tension.
I guide them to take a deep balloon breath while checking your “comfort bubble.” For instructions on
the balloon breath, please visit this post:

The students love Personal Space Camp and can’t wait to attend each week. We have constructed a
space ship in my office and are creating individual solar systems to hang along side it. Teachers are
already reporting the benefits of comfort bubbles. Keeping your hands to yourself is now SO MUCH


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