Want your kids to practice relaxation techniques?  Engage some puppet friends for a Relaxation Class!  Find two fun puppets to instruct.  After you have been practicing relaxation techniques for a while, or just after you have learned a new technique and would like further practice, tell your child that it is his/her turn to be the teacher.

Puppet Relaxation Class

  • Pick two puppets, one for each hand.
  • Introduce the scene:  One puppet is feeling very stressed out and worried about something.
  • The second puppet has just the ticket for relaxation, knows just the tool to help the first puppet.
  • The second puppet invites the first puppet to relax with him.
  • Step by step instruction in the activity is given (You might want to select a basic relaxation technique to begin with.  Choose something with only a couple of steps (such as a breath counting).
  • The first puppet ends by feeling very very calm and relaxedDSCN3616


  • Don’t have a puppet?  Line up your stuffed animals for Relaxation Class and instruct away!
  • Have one puppet show the second puppet how to relax in specific scenarios (such as bedtime, before a test, before an athletic event).
  • Have the puppets practice positive or relaxing thoughts
  • Have the puppets have a problem-solving conversation about a stressful or worrisome situation


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