Relaxation Yoga for Kids–Zoo Animals

Mar 20, 2020 | All Relaxation Activities, Relaxing/Balancing the Body

Relaxation is all about bringing mind, body and spirit into alignment.  Create a sense of ease, peace and overall wellbeing by “doing zoo–animal yoga”!!!!  These yoga poses, all named for the animals they resemble, are not only fun to do but also establish a sense of calm, balance, and ease throughout the body and mind.  And they’re especially good for reducing stress and anxiety.

Here are a couple zoo yoga resources that you can do with your child.

Just for right now, you have all the time in the world to drop your attention fully into the present moment and enjoy this time to playfully relax with your child. Have fun relaxing!!

The first resource is Zoo Zen, a book produced by the publishing company Sounds True, is available on YouTube, read by Kristie Peoples. This is a light-hearted four minute yoga routine. Get on your yoga pants and do the poses right along with the video!

Cosmic Kids Yoga has a wonderful 13-minute video of a yoga routine with a Jungle Safari theme. Jamie, the guide, is energetic, enthusiastic and full of charisma. This video is geared for younger kids, toddler through kindergarten, however I fully recommend exploring all of her Cosmic Kids videos. Kids love them!


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