Release Pent Up Energy: The 30 Second Cycling Trip

May 24, 2012 | All Relaxation Activities, Family Relaxation, One Minute Relaxers, Relaxation Practice, Relaxing/Balancing the Body

Ever need a quick tool to help your child release energy to re-focus in the moment?   This one-minute relaxer is fun, engaging and does the job to get that excess energy OUT while activating the imagination at the same time.  I use it with my girls at home and in my office at school to help kids relax and release unwanted pent up energy.

Remember your last exercise class where you leaned back on your elbows, raised your feet up two feet off the floor to pedal the air bicycle?  This is the same, except you get to make it super fun by traveling in your imagination.  Set the timer for 30 seconds and get started.  (It is possible to experiment with differing time increments that fit the energy level and the amount of energy that needs to be released).    Next, while you are pedaling, begin to tell a little story and to journey in your imagination.  Pedal super slow up hills,  coast down narrow garden paths, swerve around trees and run away dogs, turtles, and surprise apple carts along the way.  Enter a dense rainforest, listen for the toucan’s call, and screech to a sudden stop on the beach to listen to the waves hit the shore.   The more abstract, the more imaginary your journey, the better.  See just  how interesting and creative you can make it.  As your child if he sees what you see along the way and ask him for suggestions for additions to your imaginary travel plan.  Always finish by getting off your bike and lying down in the soft green grass or warm sandy beach to relax for a moment.  Breathe deep, let go of your wild ride and say to yourself, repeating three times, “I am re-focused and calm.”

Happy cycling away!  Practice transforming from tense to calm in 60 seconds flat!


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