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Jun 16, 2011 | All Relaxation Activities, Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a messenger that tells our body that we are relaxing.   Make it FUN by teaching your children to send B-mail!  A B-mail message is a deep breath that tells our body that we are relaxing in the moment.  It also serves as a physiological signal that automatically activates the physical relaxation response within our bodies.  When we send many B-mail messages throughout the day and fill our physical body inbox with B-mail messages, the result is increased feelings of relaxation and tranquility, both physically and emotionally. The body, in receipt of the message, responds automatically by activating the relaxation response.   Once children learn and apply basic breathing techniques, they have built the foundation of their relaxation practice.

Explain the B-mail principle with your child today.  Initiate a contest to see how full you can make your inbox by the end of the day.  Design a little journal to be your B-mail counter.  Each deep breath you take, make a mark in the journal and compare inboxes at the end of the day.  Design a B-mail template that looks like the front of an email inbox.  Send a little reminder during the day.  Smile and say, “Hey, I just sent you a B-mail.”  Encourage him to send one back.  Practice a deep breath together to get started and have fun checking your mail!


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