Three Stars and a Wish

Aug 29, 2010 | All Relaxation Activities, Family Relaxation

This is an adapted version of a literary tool used in many schools.  It is usually used for editing written work.  Children are instructed to find three things that they like about the work and then identify one wish about something they would like to see different or change.  This can be applied very easily to one’s day.

Tell your child that he/she is going to be a detective today and go on a very important mission.  This is a beautiful mission in which he/she can collect three stars about their day to share a dinner time.  The stars can be anything positive he/she would like to share about what they liked, want to celebrate, are grateful for, or want to remember.  The wish is for something that didn’t happen in their day or that they would like to do differently tomorrow.

Parents participate as well, modeling the activity and providing opportunity for connection and sharing of the day.  This is an excellent bonding activity.  Remember that listening and truly being in the moment is a requirement for ultimate heartfelt connection and celebration of the day.


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