Worry Bubbles

Aug 29, 2010 | All Relaxation Activities, Emotional Regulation

Worry Bubbles

This activity is designed to help children to let go of worry.  It is a visual activity that combines thought and action to assist the child in letting go.  The activity not only helps the child to visualize worries drifting away, but it also promotes deep breathing as they are blowing the bubbles.  Deep breathing automatically sends a message to the body to relax and calm down.


Explain to the children:  “Sometimes worry feels like little bubbles inside our mind.  We can feel worry in our tummies, in our brains, or pretty much anywhere inside our bodies.  This activity is designed to help us release worry bubbles so that we feel more calm and relaxed.”

1.   Find a bottle of bubbles

2.  Think about the worry that is bothering you and picture that you are blowing the worry into the bubble as you blow a bubble

3.  Picture the worry inside the bubble.

4.  Watch it float away and pop, carrying the worry far, far from you.

5.  Know that the worry has popped and is outside of you now, unable to bother you any more.

6.  Keep blowing bubbles until you feel more calm and relaxed.


  1. Check in with your body right now.  Does it feel more relaxed?  Does it feel less worried?
  2. Were you able to picture your worries floating away in the bubbles?


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