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Re-Write the “Monster Under the Bed” Story

The Monster Under Your Bed is Just a Story In Your Head by Lisa Wimberger Loving this new book by Lisa Wimberger, founder of the Neurosculpting Institute, (  It’s perfect for introducing kids to neuroliteracy, the study of brain science and how it can be applied to create an empowering, self-regulated, and emotionally balanced life. …

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My Calm Colors Palette

My Calm Colors Palette

Did you know that by simply gazing upon a calming color, it can produce a calming effect on the body and mind?  When I was in Undergraduate school I worked in an engineering library that was colorscaped, as they called it, with special colors in mind to support the natural rhythms of light within the …

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Relaxation Message In a Bottle

Writing can be a relaxation tool that can be accessed anywhere and everywhere!  Use it to feel better when there are thoughts swimming around inside.  Model for your child how journaling can relieve stressful thoughts or feelings that want to be released.  Show your child how the thoughts can be freed from inside the mind, …

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Superman Cool Down!

Welcome guest blogger, Rigby Buckner! It is my absolute delight to introduce to you a new guest blogger at Kids Relaxation! Rigby is a graduate student enrolled in the University of Denver’s Child, Family, and School Psychology Program. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology with a concentration in Elementary Education from Saint Michael’s College in …

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Heart of Gold

We always hear “heart of gold” being used to describe someone’s loving and generous presence.  Today in my girls’ group, we talked about how to take care of our own hearts, which are our inner gold.  I explained to the fifth grade girls that what’s really really special about each one of us comes from …

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Slow Like a Sloth

This week in small group we are studying SLOTHS!   Until we slow down in the moment, and during life in general, relaxation practice isn’t effective or even very possible.  Slowing down in the first step in the relaxation response, it is a signal to our Central Nervous System that we are going to calm …

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