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One-Minute Relaxer: Icicle/Puddle Game

One minute relaxers are relaxation techniques that can be completed in one minute or less. If you like, spending some time playing games on sites such as is a great stress-reliever and it can promote relaxation. During busy times it is even more important than usual that relaxation techniques be easy to implement, quick …

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Re-Write the “Monster Under the Bed” Story

The Monster Under Your Bed is Just a Story In Your Head by Lisa Wimberger Loving this new book by Lisa Wimberger, founder of the Neurosculpting Institute, (  It’s perfect for introducing kids to neuroliteracy, the study of brain science and how it can be applied to create an empowering, self-regulated, and emotionally balanced life. …

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Calm Monkey Mind Corner

Calm Monkey Mind Corner

It’s getting towards the end of the school year in my district.  We are wrapping things up, saying goodbye to a year that passed so swiftly, and sending our fifth graders on to the larger horizon of middle school.  Even my own daughter, Maiya, is graduating from high school! (a fact that is bittersweet for …

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Big Bear Hug

Big Bear Hug

Give your child a relaxation and self-calming tool to feel deeply loved and secure in a moment’s notice.  The Big Bear Hug is just that, a BIG bear hug….for yourself.  Next time when your child’s energy is erratic and he is having a hard time settling down, help him to give himself a big bear …

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RELAXATION TOOL: Emotional Freedom Technique for Kids

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an awesome tool to help kids return to calm. I was in a NYC workshop with Gabrielle Bernstein, author of Miracles Now and May Cause Miracles, a week ago.  She introduced us to EFT Specialist and CoFounder of , Lori Leyden.  Lori shared her experiences using EFT to release …

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Communicate Like a Giraffe– language to stay relaxed

In my work as a school psychologist, I have found Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication principles to be incredibly supportive in the school environment.  When compassion and non-judgement are the foundations of communication, we do not engage the limbic brain in confrontational defense mechanisms and we are able to communicate while staying cool, calm and collected.  …

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Top 10 Things to AVOID if you want a CALM Kid

As a school psych, I hear it all the time, “I sure wish my kiddo could relax.  He is soooooo active, just bounces off the walls.  He just goes goes goes until he drops at night!”  And I hear myself repeating these things over and over to help shift the situation.  Here are the top …

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