One minute Relaxer

One-Minute Relaxer: Icicle/Puddle Game

One minute relaxers are relaxation techniques that can be completed in one minute or less. If you like, spending some time playing games on sites such as is a great stress-reliever and it can promote relaxation. During busy times it is even more important than usual that relaxation techniques be easy to implement, quick …

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Forest of Calm

It’s back to school time and the perfect time to practice relaxation techniques with your kids!  Recently, the first graders and I created a “Forest of Calm” through the Vrksasana yoga pose, or “tree pose.” All of the kids gathered together to assume the tree poses and linked arms to create our forest. Your Forest …

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The Mindful Pencil: Classroom One-Minute Relaxer

Here’s a quick one-minute relaxer that you can do in your classroom.  Invite students to grab a pencil.  While holding the pencil horizontally between their palms, slowly begin to breathe in and out while mindfully rolling the pencil up and down between their palms.  Breathe in, roll up to the fingertips.  Breathe out, roll down …

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My Calm Colors Palette

My Calm Colors Palette

Did you know that by simply gazing upon a calming color, it can produce a calming effect on the body and mind?  When I was in Undergraduate school I worked in an engineering library that was colorscaped, as they called it, with special colors in mind to support the natural rhythms of light within the …

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Anchors Away! Energy Transformation For Kids

When energy is scattered, out of control, and “all over the place,”  it is very hard for kids to calm down.  Here are some grounding techniques that can help you and your child re-center, re-focus, and calm the body for focused attention, becoming present and “grounded” in the moment. Transforming scattered energy and being able …

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Relaxing and Regulating From The Inside Out!

I recently went to see the recent Pixar movie, Inside Out, with my family.  We really enjoyed it.  While some of the science featured has been controversial, I took away key messages that inspired the creation of these relaxation and emotional regulation activities.  I thought the movie had many fun applications for my work with …

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Big Bear Hug

Big Bear Hug

Give your child a relaxation and self-calming tool to feel deeply loved and secure in a moment’s notice.  The Big Bear Hug is just that, a BIG bear hug….for yourself.  Next time when your child’s energy is erratic and he is having a hard time settling down, help him to give himself a big bear …

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