Relaxing/Balancing The Body

Visualization for Healing: Mining Out The Pain

So last night my daughter was struggling with a pretty icky headache.  As we were trying many remedies to help her lessen the pain, my partner’s son, who is 13, offered this visualization.  He said, “You know, when I get a headache, I imagine all these little miners in my head carrying out buckets of …

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Calm and Focus: The Potential Effects of Deep Pressure Touch

Deep pressure touch has been found to be very calming to the nervous system.  I work with many students who struggle with sensory integration and moderation and sometimes deep pressure touch works to help them focus and/or calm down.  Please use this technique with caution, starting with a very non-evasive exercise such as the finger …

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Cat Cow Desk Stretch

Cat Cow Desk Stretch

This is the time of year when educators and students alike can feel stress,  stress from the looming changes associated with wrapping up the year and preparing for the less structured summer months. Following  are a few simple stretching activities that teachers and students can do right at their desks. Remember:  make it fun and …

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Superhero Powers

Superheros are rocking our world this summer!  With Avengers making record financial history, everywhere you turn in shopping land, a superhero is ready to greet you. Last night I was the superhero of my own dream. Before I fell asleep, after a particularly exhausting parenting day, I thought to myself, I would really like a dream filled …

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