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Coaching & Consulting

Bring the very best YOU to your child.

Trained as a parenting and intuitive coach by Academy for Coaching Parents International, I offer coaching sessions via phone or Skype.  I am also a licensed and nationally certified school psychologist.  Through coaching and consultation with me, you will experience the following results:

  • Restructured thinking patterns linked to feeling good
  • Magical moments of connection with your child and those you care about
  • An increased overall sense of wellbeing
  • Release of tension and the perception of stress
  • Increased focus, clarity and attention in the moment
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Awareness about why pleasing yourself first is your first step to harmony with others
  • Parenting from an expanded perception of possibility

Coaching & Consulting Sessions Available

You can purchase individual coaching sessions or monthly. If this your first time, start with the Initial Coaching Session. After that, you can sign up for individual sessions or for a monthly package. Here’s a short description of each.

Initial Parent Coaching Session 
This consultation session runs 90 minutes and can be completed via phone, Skype or in person. Phone contact information for scheduling will be emailed to you upon purchase. Get Started Now!

Follow-up Parent Coaching Sessions 
This runs for 60 minutes. Phone contact information for scheduling will be emailed to you after purchase. Get Started Now!

Monthly Parent Coaching Sessions 
The package includes 4 weekly, 60 minute sessions. Get Started Now!

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