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Deepen Inner Peace with Alchemy Crystal Tones™ Crystal Bowls


Alchemy crystal bowls are one of the best ways I have found to immerse in a high frequency of peace.

The crystal bowls I use are alchemy bowls made from 99.992% pure quartz crystal. They are made by fusing the quartz crystal with precious gemstones, minerals, metals and elements heated and fused at 4000 degrees in a centrifugal mold. The result is a light, radiant, high frequency bowl that vibrates with pure resonance!

When played, the alchemy crystal bowls naturally produce binaural beat tones that have been shown to be an effective support for anxiety and in achieving a natural meditative mental state.

Azeztulite Platinum

9” G

The Fairy Dust Bowl

Celestite Platinum

8” F

The Mother Mary Bowl:

Celestial Bridge, Serenity, Angelic Communication


Chyrsoprase Platinum

8” D

The Stone of Venus Bowl:

Divine Truth, Healer’s Heart, Forgiveness


8” D

The Loving Protector Bowl:

Balance, Mirror of the Soul, Vitality


9” A

Holding The Frequency of Love Bowl:

Oneness, Acceptance, Unconditional Love

Mt. Shasta Serpentine, Sedona Red Rock, White Light Angel Gold

12” F

Grounded Grace Bowl:

Voice to Sacred Knowledge, All is Connected, Kundalini Rising



9” A

The Loving Guardian Bowl:

Universal Wisdom, Wholeness, Health and Wealth


Ruby Aqua Aura Gold

9” C#

The Quantum Shift Bowl:

Activation, Quantum Shifting, Self-Love and Strength

Sedona Red Rock Palladium

9” C

The Playful Companion Bowl:

Rapid Transformation, Ancient Remembering, Courageous Action!