25 Tempting Cupcake Decorating Ideas for Kids

Who can deny cupcakes? This dessert is such an all time favorite for most people. Kids and adults love to enjoy cupcakes especially during parties. It is such an incomplete event when you don’t serve this sweet treat for the guests. Furthermore, the materials that you need to release the ideas of decorating tempting cupcake for kids, if you decide to make it by yourself, are easy to find.

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Tempting Cupcake Decorating Ideas for Kids

You can prepare instant icing sugar, gummy jelly, cookies, and even marshmallows. If you feel stuck about the decoration to be made for your kids’ cupcake, keep reading because I already prepared the ideas that you can steal!

How to decorate cupcakes for kids?

After having the cakes ready, you can start decorating the cupcakes for kids. The first step is you decide the cupcake theme, so you will know the material you need. For instance, if you want to make a mickey mouse theme, then you can prepare the icing sugar in black and white color. Make it simple and easy yet still interesting to look at for kids’ cupcakes. 

1. Rainbow marshmallow

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Printperie)

They are very beautiful cupcakes for your kids. Also, it is a very easy cupcake design because the rainbow is made from jelly candy. You can find the jelly easily at any grocery store. For the cloud effect, put some marshmallow beside the rainbow

2. Balloon from the candy

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@whatmommiesneed)

You don’t have to put extra effort into cool cupcake designs. This is one of the coolest decorating cupcake ideas. Instead of making balloons with cream or icing sugar, why don’t you put colorful candies on top of your kids’ cupcakes. Pretty much fun and saves your time. 

3. Minions

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Betty Crocker)

Minions for cupcakes will enhance the party! If your kid is a fan of this cute character, you can have this theme for their birthday cupcakes. Just being creative to make minions because marshmallow and choco chips can be the eyes of minions. It is easier than using whip cream or any icing. 

4. Monster cookie

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Super Bowl Idea)

For the fans of monster cookies, this cupcakes design idea should be on the list. Blue icing sugar and white marshmallow with a hint of black color will be perfect as the material to decorate the cupcakes. And for the cake, you can have chocolate flavor as the simple one. 

5. Gummy beach

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Meatloaf and Melodrama)

Your girl must be happy to go to the beach and if she cannot go there on her birthday, you can have the theme of summer beach on her cupcakes design. Some people think it is not easy to decorate this cupcake design idea, but let’s explore the material on top! The materials you need are all instant. Because you just have to place the cookies, jelly or gummy, and small decorations on top of icing sugar. So, basically you just have to make cupcakes and icing sugar. The decoration is an easy peasy to do. 

What is the secret to fluffy cupcakes?

Using the right ingredients, such as flour that is specifically for cake, baking powder, and other ingredients that are not too dry and not overmixing. Also, creating an air bubble in the batter is the key to making fluffy cupcakes. 

6. Adorable owl

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@NancyC)

Look at how pretty this owl is as the cupcake decoration idea! At first glance, you will think it is hard to make this one. But look again, and you will realize that it only needs your creativity to make it. After putting icing sugar, you just have to put a sandwich cookie and colorful candies on it as the eyes. 

7. Caterpillar on top

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Good Housekeeping)

Caterpillars are somehow too cute to resist, especially for cupcake decoration. If the theme is about nature, then this can be a good idea for you to make. Green icing sugar, candies, and you can play with biscuits and cream for the face and head. 

8. Vanilla chocochip

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Woman’s Day)

Simple and still appetizing to be enjoyed. This vanilla and choco chip cupcake decoration can be your last minute cupcakes design. It is such a bonus when your kids don’t want any ‘noisy’ design for their birthday. 

9. Grilled jelly

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Elizabeth Lampman)

Gummy and cupcakes are now an inseparable combo. You can release your creativity to decorate the cupcakes using gummy and other instant materials. So it will save your time and still, your kids will love the cupcakes design very much. 

10. Chick cupcakes

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Christie | Childhood101)

This is such a funny cupcake design idea. Chick decoration for your cupcakes and for sure, this design will make your kids happy too. You just have to prepare yellow icing sugar, candy and marshmallows. Then you can create this design for your kid’s birthday.

What can I put on top of cupcakes?

You can put jelly, gummy, chocochip, cookies, and marshmallows on top of cupcakes. It depends on the theme of cupcake ideas that you and your kids want

11. Baby shark

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Sand and Sisal)

 Such cute shark themed cupcakes. The key to have a perfect cupcake decoration for your kids is choosing the right color of icing sugar. You can try having a gradient of sea color. It can be a combination of white and aqua. Then, for the shark tail, cut the chocolate and carefully place it on top. 

12. Popsicle cupcakes

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Miriam Gluck)

Something fresh during summer can be seen through this cupcake decoration idea. Yes, you can put a popsicle as the decoration above the swirl frosting. For making popsicle, you can use jelly candy. 

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13. Aliens

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Family Go)

For a fan of aliens, this decoration idea is pretty perfect. Green frosting is the key for this decoration. You can add marshmallows for the eyes, choco chips for the mouth and green rolls. 

14. Sunny side up

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Maritza Lisa)

It is a very tempting decoration because your kids will surely want to eat up immediately. Especially if the sunny side up is their favorite breakfast menu. Cute, simple and eye-catching. 

15. Unicorn

cupcake decorating ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Arina Photography)

Unicorn is a timeless character and theme for girl birthday cupcakes. Rainbow unicorn cupcakes like this are very cute and irresistible. You can try making it with your daughter. There is nothing wrong to spare some time for trial first.

How to decorate cupcakes for birthdays?

Since usually birthdays mean parties, then you have to match the theme of the party and the cupcakes. For boy birthday cupcakes, you can start with a superhero or football theme. For girls birthday cupcakes, you can have something pink or princess. Girls usually love sprinkle on top, so don’t forget to sprinkle cupcakes for birthdays. 

How to decorate cupcakes for birthdays?
How to decorate cupcakes for birthdays?

16. Rainbow and cherry on top

Rainbow and cherry on top
Source: Pinterest (@My Cake School)

When your kids are bored with ordinary swirl frosting as the cupcake decoration, you can put icing in different methods like this idea. The important thing is to make it colorful. Don’t forget to place the cherry on top to make it perfect. 

17. Oreo spidey

Oreo spidey
Source: Pinterest (@Blastaloud | Texanerin)

A simple and undeniable cupcake decoration idea. It fits for your next Halloween. Also, the way to make it is pretty easy because you just have to put the frosting, it can be cheese cream. Then put oreo above it, don’t forget to add some melted choco and marshmallow to make oreo look like a spider.

18. Mickey mouse

Mickey mouse
Source: Pinterest (@Tastemade)

Who doesn’t know Mickey Mouse? This Disney character is very popular and favorite one for the kids. So, you can make this cool cupcake decoration for your daughter or son on their birthday. It is very simple because you just have to put cookies as Mickey’s ears.

19. Melted choco

Melted choco
Source: Pinterest (@Kids Kubby)

This choco melted cupcake decoration looks like a carnival. Especially when you see the candy on top. It is like a spring and summer festival that you and your kids love to visit. So, to match the theme that your kids love, this decoration idea can inspire you to make cupcakes on their special day.

20. Lego

Source: Pinterest (@Passion For Savings)

Lego is like an all time favorite play for the kids and adults. So, having this cupcake theme for birthdays is an excellent idea. It might take some effort to mold the lego from sugar, but it is worth trying to be honest. 

21. Pink raspberry

Pink raspberry
Source: Pinterest

This must be a very refreshing cupcake idea for your kids. Berry swirl frosting, raspberry and lemon on top will surely give a sweet and sour taste dessert for the guest. It fits well to welcome summer. 

22. Musical note

Musical note
Source: Pinterest (@Flickr | Fantasy Cupcakes)

This theme is matched the most for the kids who are so into music. After giving colorful frosting on the top of cupcakes, you can add decoration by form the chocolate into musical notes. 

23. Sea life

Sea life
Source: Pinterest (@Popsugar)

If you want something different from cupcake decorations, you can try this cool cupcake idea for the kids. The theme is sea life, so you can mold fish, seaweed, and fish star in order to describe life under the ocean. It takes more effort, yes, but it is worth your time. 

24. Minnie mouse

Minnie mouse
Source: Pinterest (@Flickr | The Topping)

Cutie minnie mouse as cupcake decoration for your girl’s birthday cupcakes. You can make this idea by preparing pink icing sugar, some sugar mold and black cookies. I am sure it won’t take much time to finish. 

25. Smurfs

Source: Pinterest (@Flickr | Heavenly Cupcake Shop)

Smurfs are cute characters. You can take this inspiration in order to make cupcake decorations for your kids. Blue frosting that you can put, then add white frosting above. Put the eyes from the marshmallow and all is done!


So, you already get inspired which cupcake decoration that you want to make? Actually, all above is pretty simple, but still, you have to prepare for the time and materials for creating the theme. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do you make simple cake decorations?

By seeing the ideas about cupcake decorations. For instance, you can make simple cake decorations with instant or ready to eat materials, such as jelly, cookies, marshmallows and many more. It might forgotten that through simple materials, you can make something beautiful and still tasty cupcakes.

How do you make cupcakes attractive?

By putting colorful topping for the cupcakes. You can sprinkle colorful choco chips, make swirl frosting with pastel color, or add colorful gummy.

What makes a successful cupcake?

When the taste of the cake and the topping is balanced. Also, the cake should be fluffy whether it is cupcake or cake in a cup. Because cake is identical with a fluffy texture and moist one.