This activity promotes deep breathing.  It is wonderful for when children need to pause, take a deep breath and relax.  The activity helps a child to re-center his/her attention through using imagery to find focus in the moment.


1.  Hold the left hand in a fist.  Ask the child to imagine it is a flower.

2.  Hold the right hand in a fist.  Ask the child to imagine it is a candle.

3.  Inhale, pretending to sniff the flower.

4.  Exhale, pretending to blow out the candle.

Encourage the child to breathe deeply, to really smell the flower.  Then tell them to exhale completely, to really really blow the candle out. 

Discussion (optional):

What does your flower look like?  (color, size, shape)

When might you use this tool?

Why is deep breathing helpful to us?

Ideas for Use:

This is best practiced often so that children understand that deep breathing is a tool that can be used in any situation where they would like to feel more calm and focused.

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