New Kids’ Relaxation Ebook Available on Amazon

May 14, 2014 | Deep Breathing, Parenting Resources, Stress Management

Take time out for a little R&R and a calming break with your child. This book is not only for the children in your life, it is also for you! Deep Breathing for Kids is a collection of many of the breathing activities I have shared here on this blog over the years, plus more!  These activities will support you and your child as you begin building the foundation for your relaxation practice together.

The tools and activities I included in the book are easy to use, quick to take effect, and can support you and your child to develop a foundation for more advanced relaxation techniques.  Help your child to reduce stress, learn essential calm-down techniques in a fun, engaging way.

While I focused on providing basic deep breathing tools, additional deep breathing activities that combine and integrate several different tools to promote deeper practice are included. Ideas for visual aids that can be used with children who find the concepts difficult to grasp or who have other special needs are a HUGE reason to read this book.
It’s my hope and intention that by just reading the introduction, you will give yourself permission to relax, let go, and to nurture your “in the moment” presence before reading on and before sharing the activities with your child.

Check it out and please let me know what you think!  I look forward to hearing how the activities worked for you!!



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