One-Minute Relaxer: Take a STEAMING Tea Breath

May 10, 2019 | Deep Breathing, Family Relaxation, One Minute Relaxers

Here’s a one-minute relaxer to do with your child!


Teach your child the “Hot Tea Breath.”  Use your imagination and deep breathing to take a moment to relax together.  First, ask your child what his favorite flavor of tea is?  (even if it is a silly flavor such as cotton candy licorice bubble gum tea… go with it 🙂 ).

Next, imagine that there is a huge cup of your favorite flavor tea right in front of you.  You can even hold your hand up as if you are holding the steaming tea!  See the steam drifting off the top of the cup.  Ask, Can you see the steam?  Good.

Now, breathe in through your nose to the count of three.  Imagine smelling the rich, wonderful aroma of the tea!  Pause.  And, now breathe out through your mouth, blowing the steam way, letting your breath out as long as possible.  Blow as much steam away as you can.

Repeat several times together.


For extra fun, practice with a real cup of tea.  Just make sure that the water is only warm and not boiling hot.  It’s best to pour the tea in another place away from your relaxation practice, letting it steep and cool while you are practicing your deep breaths.  Then, bring over the actual tea and enjoy!



For extra fun, use a clear glass tea cup and add a blooming tea ball to the cup.  Practice your deep breathing while the tea bud is slowly blooming and the petals and leaves unfold inside the glass.   It’s really pretty!

Here’s a link to some blooming tea that I recently purchased off of Amazon:



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