Jump To Center

Here we are at the start of another school year!  It can be a time of transitions, change, and new beginnings for you and your child/students.  This year, I encourage you to set the intention to stress less, relax and connect more, and spend time doing what you love.  When stressful moments arrive, have a few one-minute relaxers in your pocket to try out with your child.

Remember to practice when both of you are cool, calm and collected so that your body has a remembered response when it’s time to use the tool while experiencing a strong emotion.

Also, how about having “jump to center” be your trigger to relax this year?  Whenever it is said, you and your child/students can remember to pause, practice the rehearsed relaxation routine and return to center.

Here’s a quick one-minute relaxer to practice with your child or students:  the circle breath.

The Circle Breath

Invite your child to use their finger to trace a circle in the air as they practice the breath.  First, breathing in, trace to the top of the circle, then without pause, breathe out back to the place you started at the bottom of the circle.  Repeat three times!

Put your focus on the circle in front of you as you draw it with your finger.


Practice Painting and Breathing

Another way to practice the circular breath is to paint while you breathe.  This can be a fun way to begin your small group relaxation practice.  Give each child a brush, piece of paper, and some watercolor paint.  Breathing in, start at the bottom of the circle, moving your brush the length of the in-breath.  Breathing out, paint down to the starting point.  Repeat three times!  🙂


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