Yesterday, I received this beautiful gift from a teacher at my school.  This teacher expresses such love and caring for her student, (and, as you can see, for staff as well).  This book, Dear Girl, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Paris Rosenthal/illustrated by Holly Hatam, is a delightful gem and is a wonderful way to establish a space of calm, connection and presence for your relaxation practice.  It’s recommended for ages 4-8, but I believe it is wonderful for ALL ages, the inner child of the adult as well.

You can find it on Amazon:


The inside jacket note says it all:

Dear Girl,

This book is for you.



                          beautiful you. 

If you ever need a reminder, just turn to

any page in this book 

and know that you are 

special and you are



Read this book with a girl in your life.  It encourages every girl to honor and appreciate her voice, giving suggestions for supreme self-care such as journaling, asking questions, dancing, listening to your instinct, and BIG, GENEROUS, OUTRAGEOUS, SELF-EXPRESSION.  Read it and then experiment with the suggestions.  Talk about them with your daughter.  This book is an entry point and catalyst for the practice of presence and deep active listening.

As 2019 begins, set the intention to spend time this year talking with your girl, connecting and nurturing her in “listening to her brave side.”

And once in a while, find a tree trunk…

As the book says, it is the “perfect place for quiet thoughts to be thunk.”



Wishing each of you a brilliant, peaceful, calm, and focused 2019 filled with much joy and loving connection. 

~ Zemirah


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