Mar 27, 2020 | Educator Resources, Family Relaxation

What better way to spend time together than to immerse yourself and your child in gratitude! There are so many ways to get to gratitude-ing! I like to keep a journal, a box, and an app. Like most things in life, my kids and I thrive on variety and like to change it up every once in a while.

Gratitude Box!

Get some old magazines and collage a small box to create a place to store gratitude pictures, notes, and items that remind you of your gratitude. You and your child can draw or cut out pictures of things you are grateful for. My gratitude box sits on my desk. When I’m feeling down or have lost touch with what I’m grateful for, I get a lot of joy out of rummaging through the contents of that box. Out pour pictures of my daughters, their artwork, notes from friends and loved ones, rocks from beautiful hikes, and artifacts from travel moments of heart. I find myself immediately uplifted.

Artifacts of Gratitude

Share with your child ideas of what you are grateful for and model by creating your own gratitude box to share.

Gratitude Journal!

Here are some of my favorite gratitude journal’s:

This is one I complete with students and also for myself each day, (see below).
Buddha Doodles Gratitude Journal–sweet and inspiring art

The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal For Kids is a fun way to keep track of three things to be grateful for each day. It prompts your child to think of a person who brought joy and asks about how they feel as they are coloring the page. This is a creative way to get kids to turn within and check in with their feelings and think about the best part of their day and draw a picture about it.


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