Recently one of my students was struggling with bad dreams.  His mom asked me to support him at school in helping him learn skills to deal with his worries.  In addition to teaching him several deep breathing techniques and using play therapy to “play out” and talk about his worries, I found the following iPad apps supportive for him.  If you know a child with worries, check these out to see if they might help.

Wince–Don’t Feed the WorryBug

screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-1.55.20-pm  Wince was a big hit with my students.  They ask to read this ebook over and over again and love the interactive components they can click on.  When Wince worries, he “feeds” the worrybug who grows and grows until Wince has to learn ways to “not feed” the worrybug so that it will shrink.

Is a Worry Worrying You?


This is a great book to stimulate discussion about personal worries.  I love it that it defines what a worry is, (i.e. “a thought that keeps you from having fun or feeling good”).

Breathing Bubbles


This app could be used for mad, sad, or silly too.  The kid love being able to place their worries in a bubble that can pop or float away, but a HUGE positive is that you can place positive thoughts in the worries too!  Both send away the unwanted thoughts and bring in the wanted thoughts!  Teaches great self-regulation and is perfect for the child to complete independently on his own as well.


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